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60th birthday bash - Saturday July 24, 2010 - Widow Brown's

Per Aura Showah, we have had the question asked "is the party still on at Widow Browns July 24" The answer is yes the party is still on....I have also had quite a few people RSVP that they will be coming. If anyone knows of a classmate that does not have an E-mail address on the web site please inform them of the party, especially telling them its also a fund raiser for Dave Wilda and family...Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone. For additional information, click here to send me an e-mail. Aura

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Reunion 2008
We waited, it came, we partied hard for three days, and now it is only a memory -- our 40th DHS Class of '68 High School Reunion. Click here to see what the Danbury News times was saying about our reunion. This article appeared the day before the reunion. Then check our our new Coppermine Photo Gallery for pictures from the event. Look periodically as our classmates are now able to upload their own photos at any time, and I know there were lots of cameras flashing during those three days. . . . and of course, if it was your camera flashing, I hope you will share those pictures with the rest of your classmates using our new self service Coppermine photo site.

We're hoping to have names listed for all photos taken. If you see missing or incorrect names, please click on the picture to enlarge it. At the bottom of the photo, you will see a space for comments. Please enter the names there and I will move them up to the title section. Also, feel free to enter any comments you may have about the pictures or the reunion in general.

Also new for 2008, check out the new Oldies but Goodies section on the links page. Be sure to look at the second to last item about cigarette commercials in the 60's followed by ?????????????. You must click on those two.

Sometimes, as much as we think things change today, have they really?

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New for 2008, a self service photo upload site.
Click here to enter.

All classmates are able to view the many albums and photos that have been uploaded and will be uploaded. I encourage you to look around this new Coppermine Online Photo Album site, click on all the links, and get a feel for all the wonderful ways to view the photos (thumbnails, full sizes, slide shows). Then, I strongly encourage each of you to register on line. This website is 100% hosted within our www.dhs68.org website and any information you type in to register is only seen by me. Once I approve you, you then can add comments to many of the photos online, and you will also be able to create your own online gallery. Then uploading is a breeze. As we now have this expanded capability, I encourage you to load any pictures of you and classmates taken since the last reunion, plus any pictures of historic value.

David Siegelbaum (webmaster)

Marc Catone Historic Photos Slide Show Lorraine Chickering 2003 Reunion Slide Show 2008 Reunion Slideshow
1968 Senior Variety Show Slide Show The final number of our Senior Variety Show, sung by all of us, was Let There Be Peace On Earth. Watch and listen to this beautiful rendition, and remember when . . . . . ..
Slide Slow of All Pictures Currently On Site (automatically upgraded as pictures added).
You may upload your photos directly to the 2008 Reunion Photos Album, or if desired and have a large quantity, you may create your own personal albums.
To Create Personal Albums:
Login into system using your login name and password.
Click "Create/ordering albums"
Click "New"
In place of wording saying "New Album", change to album name of your choosing.
Click "Apply Modifications"
You have now done the hardest part. To upload files, click on "upload files" and follow directions. Up to 10 files may be uploaded at a time.
Don't worry about your picture sizes. As long as they are under 5 Meg., the website will accept them and automatically resize for perfect viewing.

Current News

Hello fellow graduates of the DHS Class of '68. You are now on the OFFICIAL website for our class, which I have developed and maintained since approximately 1997. Please bookmark this URL for future reference.

As you scroll through our site, you will see that we have hundreds of photographs of classmates. We also have a full blown message board, our Memorial Page (I wish I didn't have to do this), as well as a feature article in the Danbury News Times about our 50th Birthday Bash in 2000.

To all you new classmates, enjoy our site and welcome aboard. To all of the original regulars, welcome back and watch us grow.

David Siegelbaum
Class of 68 Webmaster

Current News

Click on the photo above to see an oversized enlargement.

On Saturday, September 30, 2000, approximately 100 people (Class of '68 alums and significant others) gathered at the Italian-American Mutual Aid Society in Ridgefield to celebrate a giant Class of '68 50th birthday bash. We ate, we drank, we talked, AND WE DANCED AND PARTIED until midnight, when many of us continued at a 24 hour restaurant back in Danbury until about 2:30 a.m. It was great. You might say we brought in the millenium Class of '68 style.

Danbury News Times Jean O'Neill and Douglas Healey from the Danbury News Times came to the reunion to do a story on us. See what they say and show in their article which appeared on October 8, 2000 by clicking here.

Note from Webmaster

Since 1997, I have enjoyed bringing our class together via this website. I will do so as long as I am able, but now I am asking for your support. If you feel you have enjoyed and benefitted by this site and its message board over these 10+ years, will you please contribute to its past and future upkeep by clicking on the donation button below. All amounts are greatfully received. Donations may be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, through PayPal, one of the most reputable credit card services on the web.

My first desire for the donations is to pay the fees to keep the URL of www.dhs68.org for at least the next 5 years until our next reunion. Thank you in advance for your support.

P.S. As an added measure, since this site has become so valuable to so many, I am now taking the steps of sending out a full backup of the site periodically along with vendor contact information to one of our classmates so this site can be continued in the event that I am suddently unable to do it. But don't worry folks, I have fought very hard to get this far and I plan on being around for a while.

This site, is developed and maintained by David Siegelbaum, 1744 Chesapeake Lane, Apt. 1, Schaumburg IL 60193. E-mail david.siegelbaum@dhs68.org.


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